What's Your Telomere Age?


We’ve devised a simple test you can take yourself that will give you an approximation of your telomere age and also provide you with plenty of clues about things you can do right now to start down the very long road of infinite longevity.

The questions on our test are based on known illnesses, conditions, and behaviors that correlate with telomere length.

Jewelry Repair


There are few jewelers more qualified to execute your jewelry repair than the actual craftsman who can create such treasures from scratch. With hundreds of years of combined experience, our master jewelers have encountered nearly every jewelry repair scenario imaginable.

Ring Sizing


Ring sizing may seem like a routine procedure, and in most cases it is. Nonetheless, we see far too often that jewelers will simply hammer a ring up to a larger size, or put undue stress on stones or settings by manipulating the materials beyond their tolerance.

Stone Replacement


Of all the reasons to visit us, seeing us for a stone replacement is possibly the least desirable. With the exception of the person seeking a different color gem or upgrading to larger gems, most are heartbroken and are attempting to replace a stone which was lost or damaged.

Jewelry Cleaning


As a customer of Jewellaco, you will soon find out that our staff does a magnificent job of jewelry cleaning. Not just the “dip in the tank” process that most jewelers offer, but a thorough, professional polishing, conducted by the same experts who create fine jewelry in our shop.

Custom Jewelry Design

A purchase of fine jewelry should reflect your personality and make the impression you wish to project. With the value of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones continually rising, the need for custom jewelry is more important than ever.